We supported 59 community groups and tenants and residents associations and 290 volunteers , to deliver projects, activities and services to benefit local communities.

63,561 is the number of hours contributed by our volunteers who run groups, manage buildings and organise activities and services to benefit local communities. The economic value of this level of volunteering works out at £704,891, using the Community Development Fund (CDF) recommended hourly rate calculation of £11.09.

365 people helped into work and 239 helped into training, from UCAN centre work clubs.

99.6% of rent collected from current and former tenants as a percentage of total rent owed.

84% of customers satisfied with the physical improvements to estates on completion of new fencing programme.

92.6% of customers were satisfied with our most recent repair to their home.

93% of emergency repairs were responded to in 12 hours and 98% within 2 hours.

95.67% of repair appointments kept as a percentage of total appointments made.

100% of homes met the Government’s Decent Homes Standard.

£364,752 of external funding brought into our communities through support from our Community Investment Team.

248 days was the average time customers waited to receive a disabled facilities adaptation, in non-emergency cases.

We helped 755 customers gain £1,422,785 in their pockets and £1,575,054 of financial help towards rent payments, through money advice.

96% of customer calls to Careline were answered within 60 seconds.

89.79% of repairs completed right first time.

At any one time, we supported up to 22 families dealing with complex issues.

1,165 homes had new heating systems.

Supported 88 charities, voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations with funding, advice and in kind support and over £1 million of funding.

Supported 376 customers through Home Visits and saved them £67,500 through tariff switching and energy advice.

At any one time, we supported up to 80 victims of domestic abuse.

At any one time, we supported up to 650 customers who were vulnerable in some way.

100% of customers were satisfied with their new home (new build).

97% of new tenants had sustained their tenancy 12 months later.

4.5% of employee work time lost due to sickness absence.

1,800 free tickets for customers to experience performances at The Octagon Theatre.

£1,883,304 of rent arrears owed by tenants (excludes court costs and garage rent arrears.

99.99% of customer contacts by intercom were made out of the total number required by individuals’ support plans.

We supported 11 community organisations, tenant and resident associations and community groups, to manage community buildings on our estates and provide valuable services and activities to local residents.

£18.4m spent on planned improvements to customers’ homes. This included new kitchens and bathrooms, central heating and disabled adaptations.

£15.3m spent on responsive repairs to customers’ homes. This included gutter cleaning, gas servicing and work to bring empty properties back into use.

£268,578.12 spent on supporting community groups and neighbourhood projects.

639 homes had new composite doors.

72% of urgent and routine repairs were completed in timescale.

210 homes had electrical upgrades.

3000 free tickets for customers to watch Bolton Wandereres league game matches and 15 places on junior coaching courses.

1749 homes had new fire doors.

107 days was the average time customers waited to receive a disabled facilities adaptation, in emergency cases.

1.23% of rent lost due to some properties remaining empty.

163 homes had new kitchens and bathrooms.

New homes to meet housing needs Read case study
New local standards Read case study
Cheaper energy bills at home Read case study
Cook up some cash Read case study
Community engagement Read case study
Tenancy support Read case study
Employment and skills Read case study
Dealing with domestic abuse Read case study
Bolton at Home is a charitable community benefit society Read case study

New homes to meet housing needs

One of our main objectives is to provide quality, affordable homes that can make a difference to people’s lives. We do this through a mix of housing types, including affordable rented homes and shared ownership, to provide more choice for customers.

As one of the 25 members of the Greater Manchester Housing Providers (GMHP), we’ve pledged to build 16,000 homes between us in the region over the next five years to help address the housing shortage. There is a housing crisis locally, regionally and nationally.

Our own target is to provide 1,000 new homes by April 2023. The vast majority of these would be in Bolton. We need to work with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) and local authority on land availability and housing needs.

Stonecross Homes is the brand name we use to market our shared ownership developments and properties. Having a different name is simply a way to show that this is a different type of housing tenure, which is standard practice within the housing sector.

Shared ownership sales will also generate much needed income for Bolton at Home. As a not-for-profit organisation, we’ll reinvest this income into our housing and regeneration work to benefit all our customers and communities.

Shared ownership will be a small proportion of the total number of homes we provide across our patch. We are very much on with developing other new build schemes in Bolton for affordable rent and supported housing purposes. Please follow-us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with our progress.

New local standards

We had 23 local standards previously. They were very service specific and it was time to review them.

With help from our Scrutiny Group and Operations Committee, we developed new standards that would be more meaningful to you and more applicable whatever the service you use.

We used information from customer complaints and feedback from surveys to understand your priorities.

From the themes that emerged the strongest, we drafted standards and put them to the test. We invited you to rank them in importance, through a questionnaire that we made available online and in UCAN centres. Thanks to everyone who took part.

We established our new, five local standards from the results of your feedback:

  • Treat you and your home with respect.
  • Deliver high quality services to agreed standards and fix things quickly if there is a problem.
  • Keep you updated. You should never need to chase us.
  • Provide services with agreed timescales.
  • Keep our promises and treat you fairly.

We will monitor our performance against these standards and update you with progress.

Cheaper energy bills at home

Please consider a home energy advice visit. It is a great opportunity to review your household energy costs and make changes where necessary.

Nick, our Energy Advisor through our social enterprise Starts with you, can help reduce your energy bills by finding the best deals for gas and electricity and supporting you to switch providers.

He can show you how to control your heating to get most value for money from your gas central heating or storage heaters. And Nick has more tips to reduce bills. People have saved up to £350 per year.

Other assistance includes:

  • Support to resolve billing or meter issues, including clearing any energy debts where possible.
  • Applying for grants and energy discounts, such as the Warm Home Discount.

To book a visit by Nick, email keepwarmforless@boltonathome.org.uk or phone him directly on 07789 937525, or phone our Contact Centre on 01204 328000.

Community engagement

Our Community Engagement Team was named 'team of the year' at the national final of the Tpas awards.

Leading tenant engagement experts, Tpas holds its annual awards to recognise excellent work and best practice among social housing providers, contractors, and tenants most importantly.

Our team invests in local people and works with charities, voluntary organisations and communities, to create and deliver initiatives that benefit thousands of tenants and residents each year.

They were also recognised for how they support community groups, tenant and resident associations, and other volunteers in Bolton, with funding, advice and support to deliver community and arts based projects, activities and services to benefit the wider community.

Team members who work in our UCAN centres help up to 2,000 people each month with one-to-one advice and support to improve wellbeing and employment prospects.

Please pop-in to one of our UCAN centres to learn more or visit boltonathome.org.uk/ucan for details.

Cook up some cash

We can help you to save money and learn how to cook healthy and tasty one-pot meals.

Our ‘Cook up some cash’ course serves up valuable information on how to shop and cook on a budget.

You will get a free slow-cooker, ingredients to make a meal and recipe cards, subject to availability, as well as tips on how to save money on shopping and household bills.

Please book your place by phone, on 01204 329710.

Tenancy support

We offer regular contact, advice and assistance if you’re taking on a new tenancy or finding it difficult to manage your existing tenancy. We will support you to live at home independently and successfully.

Our service is available if you have experienced, or are likely to experience, problems with your tenancy. Or if you haven’t managed your own tenancy before. And also if you have significant personal support needs.

We need to consider:

  • Your previous experiences of living independently.
  • Whether you’re employed and length of employment.
  • Other support services you currently receive.
  • Your views and wishes, and those of professionals working with you.

We can:

  • Help you settle into your new home.
  • Support you through life’s ups and downs.
  • Help you with practical actions including paying bills, setting up utility accounts and checking your benefits.
  • Guide you towards specialist help and support as appropriate.
  • Support your health and wellbeing.

We will help you according to your individual circumstances, supporting you to manage any issues that could impact on your tenancy.

For more information, phone 01204 328000 or visit boltonathome.org.uk/tenancy-support.

Employment and skills

We support customers into work and help them gain the skills they need. We do this to help people flourish, with more independence and less dependency, and to prevent poverty.

We can help you:

  • Get an effective CV, with free use of computers and free digital support at any of our UCAN centres.
  • Get ready to interview, with free coaching and courses available to boost your confidence.
  • Get a professional look, with quality free clothes for job interviews from our Working Wardrobe.
  • Get the job. Last year we helped 365 people into work and 239 into training, from UCAN centre work clubs.

If you would like our help, please get in touch.

Email: workclub@boltonathome.org.uk
Phone: 01204 329710
Website: boltonathome.org.uk/ucan

Dealing with domestic abuse

If you’re our tenant or live in one of our homes and are a victim of domestic abuse, we’ll support you in a non-judgemental and sensitive manner. We will treat the information we receive about your situation with care and confidentiality. We will prioritise your wishes and safety at all times.

Domestic abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional or financial abuse, and includes controlling, coercive or threatening behaviour within any relationship.  

We have a specialist in-house team of trained officers who can help. We have two full-time officers, a part time assistant and a part-time domestic violence administration officer and a new enforcement role to work with perpetrators in partnership with the Police and Probation Service. We also work with specialist victim support services and as part of multi-agency steering groups to get the right outcomes for people who need help.

We also feel a duty to support people beyond protection and recovery from abuse. Our team is part of our wider Tenancy Support Service. When our specialist support for domestic abuse is coming to an end, other colleagues provide information, guidance and support to help people go from feeling vulnerable to living independently with better health and improved wellbeing.

For help, phone us on 01204 329636 or 329871. If that isn’t easy to do, visit boltonathome.org.uk/domesticabuse for more information and other ways to contact us.

Bolton at Home is a charitable community benefit society

Supported by the vast majority of customers who responded to our consultation towards the end of 2016, we completed our conversion from a charity to a charitable community benefit society (CBS) in December 2017.

The change did not affect any of your rights under your tenancy agreement or lease, or any statutory rights that you might have had such as the preserved right to buy or right to acquire.

A CBS is a special type of not-for-profit organisation registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and specifically formed to benefit the community. Most housing associations are now CBSs because of the nature of the work carried out, and many others, who aren’t yet, are considering converting.

We are still known as Bolton at Home Limited. As a charitable Community Benefit Society, we’re an exempt charity rather than a registered charity.

The main reason we changed is because we didn’t want to waste money and time complying with a more complicated regulatory regime with the Charity Commission, which would neither add to nor create any further protection of the services we deliver for you.

One of our main objectives is ensuring that our business is well run, responsible and financially secure. As a CBS we’re in a better position to streamline processes, increase value for money and protect funding for housing services.